Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing?


So let try to find the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing team. Will the emergence of Artificial Intelligence affects the functioning of your digital marketing team? Is it possible for an AI to replace human? Not exactly! But, it highlights the importance of marketing approach. Today, digital marketers can acquire detailed data insights from the advanced analytics tool. With the help of insights, marketers can understand consumers in a more detailed manner. The more educated marketing approach begins now!

Artificial Intelligence

To be clear enough, AI will not remove all your marketing woes. But, the data insights from AI tools and technology help you make the best possible campaign decisions. It is been proved true by many marketers across the globe. Considering the positive aspects of AI, here are four advantages which every digital marketer can make use of. Get through the below points and upgrade the digital marketing strategy accordingly.

Table of Content for Impact of AI on Your Digital Marketing Team

  • Educate Your Marketing Process with AI
  • 7 Fantastic advantages of AI to digital marketers
  • Conclusion

Educate Your Marketing Process with Artificial Intelligence

Marketers analyze lots of data when they run ad campaigns. But guesswork and anticipation take up the major portion. When AI is implemented, the ad campaigns become genuinely data-driven and marketers are better educated about the process. The data can be easily used as well as integrated into every campaign. Companies can acquire increased ROI with better data. Artificial Intelligence allows marketers to analyze the various data patterns and better ad implementation.

7 Fantastic advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Automation

What happens when your marketing team gets an opportunity to spend more time on innovation instead of the same old repetitive, tedious task? Even the basic tasks consume loads of cognitive power. This is the point where AI can be used to function productively. Now, you can eliminate all the monotonous time-consuming tasks from the work schedule through automation. So, it’s time to maximize your team’s potential and add value to the quality of work.

  • Strategize Digital Marketing

Here are some practical applications of artificial intelligence when you plan for the digital marketing strategy. It can include targeting, pricing, and channels. For instance, the AI can choose the right channel for you based on the campaign objectives. Also, AI can analyze the previous campaign results and suggest better targeting for your next one.

  • Predictive Analysis

AI tools can be used to analyze the data and produce insights in the same way as the human brain works. Now, your marketing team can spend more time optimizing the insights rather than extracting them. Start making predictions from the insights given by the AI tool. This helps you to improve brand loyalty and increase conversion rates.

  • Personalized Content Distribution

Artificial intelligence technology can predict who needs which information. For instance, if you have introductory white paper then it is best to be sent for prospects as an opening email. After the initial purchase, you can send a discount coupon to your customers. In this way, intuitive content distribution is possible with AI tools and technology.

  • Lead Generation

The ultimate goal of marketing is to generate new leads. With the increased intelligence, AI can now detect whether the customers really want to make a purchase or not! According to the Marketing Profs, when AI is implemented the sales closure rates, engagements, traffic, conversions, and revenue increases by 50%. As a result, you invite higher productivity and optimization the marketing funnel. This plays an amazing role to help your prospects make purchase decisions in a shorter time period. AI completely takes care of understanding your customer’s behavior and clearly knows when to close the sale. Start augmenting your marketing team with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Adaptive Customer Support

Providing customer support is extremely challenging but machines have become smarter and capable of handling it no lesser than human. The primary advantage is automated tools can work without any break. If the customer looks for a help, AI is always ready for work. Generally, customers expect the chat support to be available for all 24 hours a day and AI serves the purpose. As a matter of fact, it upholds the time efficiency when compared to a traditional call center. In addition, the AI tool will be extracting the data and storing in your CRM for further improving the customer interaction and experience.

  • Fraud Prevention

With the increase in fraud cyber attacks, all the companies must be extremely careful in protecting your customers’ data. With the help of AI and machine learning, make sure that customers can safely make a purchase. Also, other technologies like speech pattern recognition, natural language processing, and video recognition can be used for better security.

As the company is scaled up, the marketing team, as well as automated systems, get overloaded. With the implementation of AI, the scaling becomes easier since the real-time data is analyzed instantly. One best example is Google Analytics intelligence feature. Since the AI tool uses predictive analysis, the communication between the customers and organization leads to increased conversion rates. In addition, AI identifies the wrong strategies and helps the company to avoid them in the future. As a result, the customers feel nurtured and engaged.

User experience is the primary element in evaluating the campaign success. Do you agree? With the introduction of AI, there is no more uncertainty in marketing efforts. Everything seems predictable! However, we are still 4 to 5 decades back to make complete use of AI in business. The role of data becomes highly important in the near future. So, start building data-driven marketing strategies.

Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to change the world of digital marketing. Definitely, this change is always for good things to happen. With the help of this technology, marketers are capable of developing educated and personalized ad campaigns. Now, your marketing team can be more creative instead of spending time on extracting data. In this way, the biggest advantage of Artificial Intelligence can be captured. Most of your competitors have already started implementing the AI tools. If you are still on the verge of starting, make sure you do it soon. If not, you fall back in the race!


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