Tips for Choosing the Best Mobile Phone Plan

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Mobile Phone Plan

Understanding what one doesn’t want is perhaps the first step in finding the best mobile phone plan. While making a choice can be difficult for most people, you perhaps are not those people now that you are reading this. When choosing a mobile phone plan, you only need guidance on what to look out for. These five tips will help you to choose the best plan that not only serves you but also saves you money.

Budget for Your Mobile Phone Plan

Numerous people have subscribed to a plan without a clear budget of how much they want to be spending in a month or annually. Considering that we use phones every day and every hour, it is crucial to understand how much you want or are spending on a plan to be financially conscious.

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Perhaps you should first consider your bills for last month and decide whether you want to maintain or reduce them in your next prepaid mobile plan. Similarly, your decision to switch will be determined by your experience with the previous carrier. 

Network and Customer Service 

In your mind, you may be having an idea of what network to sign up with. However, it is not always advisable to make a decision based on that. So, consider doing some research to get accurate information. When shopping around, you will notice the differences in customer service and how their services are presented.

With this information, you can make an informed decision and you can decide to settle for the network you feel more comfortable with and which satisfies all your needs. 

Extras in the Best Mobile Plans

When choosing a mobile phone plan in Australia, you are likely to find enticing extras in the mobile plans. For example, Vodafone offers a gift usually like a free month in the contract. While some of the providers may not have all this information for the public.

It is good to find out whether there are such offers. After finding out about their existence, consider taking advantage of them. 

Getting to Your Short List 

While most of the providers will have similar offers with small variances, you will need to shortlist and get to the best plan for you. In this step, you can use the criteria; “what’s good”, and “what’s not good”. These will help you weigh between the good and the bad aspects of the plans.

After getting a shortlist with a small number, you will then do an in-depth comparison and weigh the pros and cons in depth. The one that outweighs the others on the pros will be chosen as the plan to take. 


There are not many people that spend a week or two researching a mobile phone plan. In that regard, you need to set timelines for research so that when you are making the final purchase, you can be sure of yourself and what you want.

The above four tips give you the key aspects to look out for when selecting the best mobile phone plan. If you can keenly utilize these tips, you will be able to make a logical, informed, and critical decision when choosing.