Essential Components of an SMS Marketing Campaign

13 Tips Essential Components of an SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing Campaign: As a business owner, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about new ways to market your product or service. But, as more and more customers communicate through various channels, it’s becoming more challenging to connect with them.

The increasing popularity of SMS marketing has become one of the most effective ways to reach out to customers personally. As mobile devices become more prevalent, it is more important than ever to use SMS campaigns from dedicated sms marketing service providers.

Essential components of an SMS marketing campaign

To start sending text messages, you will need a contact database that includes mobile phone numbers. This data can be acquired through various means. You need to get consent from the recipient before sending a message. Having the right solution will help you meet compliance regulations.

A text messaging platform is a vital component of any effective SMS marketing campaign. It enables you to manage all of your messages and actions in one place.

13 Tips Practices for SMS Marketing Campaign


You want to make sure that the messages you send are consistent with your customers and business expectations. It means that messages should be sent at the most reasonable time to resonate with them.


Consistency and timing are also linked to how well they will perform for you. For instance, if you send a text every Thursday at noon, it will likely generate interest from your customers.


SMS marketing is also measurable. You can easily track the various aspects of your campaign, such as the number of messages sent, the frequency of calls, and the initiated promotions.


A call-to-action is a type of interaction that your customers can perform with the brand or company. It can take various forms, such as clicking a link or participating in a promotion. A call-to-opt-in is a unique phrase that gives people a short or long code to enter or participate in your campaign.

Leverage Incentives

A great incentive will motivate their customers to purchase from you. It can be monetary or non-monetary. Examples of non-monetary incentives include:

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  • Personalization
  • Access
  • Engagement
  • Reminders
  • Privileges


A prospect or customer can also sign up for text messages during an event or on their web form. For instance, a real estate agent asks prospective home buyers to sign a guest log to receive marketing messages related to upcoming listings.

When a potential buyer gets a listing, the agent sends them a text message to let them know that they’re being notified about the listing. It ensures that they can opt out of receiving future messages.

Intelligent Goal

Before you start a campaign, establish a set of goals that define the objectives and the time-specific details of the campaign.

Less is Better

Text messages can have up to 160 characters. To avoid having too much word count, avoid using abbreviations or emojis. Also, make sure that the message is clear and straight.

Direct Message

Clear communication is essential in developing effective promotional SMS Marketing. It can help draw people’s attention and enthusiasm for your brand.

Having numerous details in your message will confuse the reader. Also, it will take too much time for them to respond.

Include Name in Your Message

Give your messages a personal touch to keep them thinking about you. Also, avoid including the name of your store or product in your message. For instance, if you have a spa, consider offering a special package instead of a standard day of service

Add a Sense of Necessity

Many studies are conducted on how urgency can affect sales. But, it’s important to remember that people tend to convert when they feel that something is already running out. Use urgency in your promotional SMS.

For instance, a deadline or a countdown can help highlight the potential scarcity of an item. In addition, include relevant and memorable prompts in your messages. These can help motivate people to make purchases.

Offer Something Valuable

Promotional SMS is a great way to help your clients make up their minds when buying a product. It can help them narrow down their choices by providing a discount or a gift.

Operators Name

Some SMS Marketing Campaign plans allow you to customize the recipient ID of your message. One of the most critical elements of a promotional SMS is having the company name printed. It ensures that the recipient knows who you are and what your company is about.