C Programming Exercises with Solutions PDF

C Programming Exercises with Solutions PDF | 99+ Solutions

List of Basic Programming Exercises and solutions in C Language, As we all know that C is a low-level language, procedural computer programming language. So in this basic programming section, we are going to focus on programming problems at the beginner level all these problems are for practice bulk simple programming problems and their solutions with complete code, explanation and logic.

Before going to move ahead let’s discuss the C Programming Language history.

History of C Programming Language

C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie at bell labs in 1973 to make utilities run on Unix. So we can say that Dennis Ritchie is the father of C low-level Programming language. Later, it was applied to re-implementing the kernel of the Unix operating system. C gained popularity during the 1980s.

Nowadays, it is one of the most widely used programming languages. C has been standardized by the American national standards institute since 1989 and also standardized by the International Organization for Standardization.

C is procedural language. It was designed to be compiled with machine instructions and to require minimal runtime support.

So these Basic Programming Exercises are only for beginners and if you are not a beginner then don’t worry we have more exercises for You. We have 5 levels, Newbie, Easy, Medium, Master, and Legendary. so choose your level and click to solve programming problems.

Required Skills

As you know this is a very simple Basic level Programming Exercise, to solve these exercises you should have a basic knowledge of Input/Output, Variables, Data Types, Operators, Mathematics Formulas, ASCII tables, and Expressions. It’s not easy to manage this many programs in one place and not easy to maintain, for this type of work we need Performance management software for easy handling things. Feel free to get programming homework help from real experts if you need someone to assist you in coding assignments

If you feel any difficulty please comment below or write to us via the contact form. We will help you with any matter in C, C++, and Java programming languages.

C Programming Exercises with Solutions PDF

List of Basic Programming Exercises and Solutions in C Language

  • Hello World in C
  • Sum of Two Numbers
  • Perform All Arithmetic Operations – Addition, Substation, Multiplication, and Division | User input.
  • Input/Output of All Basic Data Types.
  • Print 1 to 100 Numbers
  • Greatest of Three Numbers
  • Print Even or Odd
  • Area of Triangle – Mathematics based
  • LCM and GCD of Two Numbers
  • Find the Area of an Equilateral Triangle
  • Print All the Odd Number Till ‘N’
  • Swap Two Numbers Using 3rd Variable
  • Swapping Two Values Without Using 3rd Variable
  • Year Is Leap Year or Not
  • Find the Perimeter of a Rectangle by Entering the Length and Breadth.
  • Find the Area of a Rectangle by Entering the Length and Breadth.
  • C Program to Find the Diameter, Circumference and Area of a Circle.
  • Find the Third Angle of a Triangle by Entering Two Angles
  • Find the Area of the Triangle by Entering Height, and Base
  • Print Alphabets from A-Z(Capital Letters)
  • Print Alphabets from A-Z(Small Letters )
  • C Program to Print Ascii Value of the Character
  • Convert a Person’s Name into an Abbreviated
  • Find the Power of Any Number X ^ Y.
  • Enter Any Number and Calculate Its Square Root.
  • Factorial of a Given Number
  • Read Integer (N) and Print the First Three Powers (N^1, N^2, N^3)
  • Celsius to Fahrenheit Temperature Conversion.
  • Fahrenheit to Celsius Temperature Conversion.
  • Convert Days into Years, Weeks and Days.
  • Enter the Marks of Five Subjects and Calculate the Total, Average, Percentage, and CGPA.
  • Convert Centimetre into Meter and Kilometre.
  • C Program to Calculate Simple Interest | Principle, Rate of interest & Time.
  • C Program to Calculate Compound Interest | Principle, Rate of interest & Time.
  • Gross Salary of an Employee
  • Program to Print Company Bonus on Salary
  • Calculate Gross Salary from Given Basic Pay

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C Programming Exercises with Solutions PDF

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