Why Do You Require the Prepare Shell Method in Python

You need to prepare the shell method calculator in a language like Python, to reduce the responding time of the online tool. The other thing, it is a lengthy process to codify the whole online tool in PHP or HTML. Python has extra features for the aid of the programmer, and it is better to use the python language for the coding of the shell method. We use the shell method to find the volume of the cylinder by the integration around the cylinder.

In practice the shell method is preferred on the disc method and washer method. You only need to enter the surface area of the cylinder and you are able to find the volume of the cylinder.

Why Python to program shell methods?

You need to program the shell method as it is easy to find the whole integration by the git function in the python. If you are using the other language instead of the python, you may need to use longer coding to make a shell method calculator. The shell method involves integration to measure the volumes of the cylinder. It is better to do programming of the integration or derivation in python, as complicated calculations are easily developed in a language like python. No wonder you may find most of the complex calculations are written in python. 

What is the Shell Method?

In the shell method the surface area of a cylinder can be calculated  by multiplying the circumference with the circular base times the height of a cylinder.

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 We can find the surface area of the cylinder by the given formula:

SA = 2r h

In the shell method calculus you ignore the thickness of the cylinder as you are going to integrate around the cylinder. Consider, r is the radius and, h is the height of the cylinder then the thickness of the cylinder is “w” . The average radius is taken as” Ro” or “p”. The “h” is the height of the cylinder, then you can write:

SA = 2p h w x


  • 2p = Circumference of smooth cylinder 
  • h =   Height of cylindrical shape
  • w = width of cylindrical shape
  • x = The change occurring around the cylinder

Now by applying the shell method formula, we can estimate the volume of the cylinder.

Volume =    ni=1n2(radius)(height)(thickness)

Volume =  ni=1n2(p)(h)(w) x

shell method formula
Shell Method Formula

The ni=1n2(p)(h)(w) x.   The shell method calculator actually uses the formula to measure the volume of a cylinder.

Volume = ni=1n2(p)(h)(w) x

It is just quite amazing  how you are able to find the volume of the cylinder by the shell method formula as entering the values of the surface area.  SA = 2p h w x you are actually revolving around the whole cylinder while integrating   So the cylinder  Volume =    ni=1n2(p)(h)(w) x